about me

Spayce is Alison Harrison. This website is designed to give you an idea of the work I do, and what I can offer you and your company or clients. Please have a browse around my portfolio and have a look at the samples of work. If you’d like a quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact me or phone 07801 481 640.


    Specialises in:

  • art direction, logo design, new media design,
  • site planning, html build and style.
  • retouching, artworking & mac work.

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the history of spayce

Spayce was established in 2001, just after I found myself both redundant, and pregnant with my first daughter. I wanted the freedom of choosing my own hours and being both a mother and a designer. I also wanted to concentrate on what I do best. Since I started spayce I have worked for such people and companies as the RAF, the NHS, George Clarke, Bernard Matthews, Alexis Cosmetics and BBC Training and Development.

the skills

I am not a jack of all trades, and neither will I ever try to be. In this industry there are many talented people, and I am able to call on many of them to bring whatever skills I feel are necessary to a job. I focus on design, and making that design work for your project, whether it’s online, interactive or printed.

If you want technical specs, I work in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady and Macromedia Dreamweaver. I also handcode, and always write my css from scratch. I am familiar with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Fireworks. I am also familiar with Macromedia Flash, however only on a design level and not a programming level.

I am also very aware of accessibility issues, ensure my work always works in all major browsers on both the PC and Mac systems.


  • Site navigation and structure,
  • Design,
  • CSS, and
  • Flash design.

the options

I have put together several websites using off the shelf software, which can be an affordable solution for people wanting a dynamic site that gives them full control over the content with great support for updates in the future. These include WordPress (which runs this site), Moveable Type, Silverstripe, Mambo/Joomla and vBulletin.

my dark past

It wasn’t dark at all in fact, as I was born in Sydney in 1970. I grew up in the bright sunshine there, went to MLC school for girls in Burwood, and then University in Newcastle. After a period of time in the Army playing the flute, I started on my career path. After taking long lunches and too many parties in the green room at the Sydney Opera House, I moved to New Zealand and lived and worked in Auckland for 18 months. I then traveled around Japan for a few weeks, then came to London. I caught a tube to Earl’s Court and here I still am today*. Oh… if you’re looking for Alison Baker, then you’ve found me, so do drop me an email!

* legally, of course, and not still in Earl’s Court – but you get the general idea!